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Envirofilm® Compostable Bags

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Envirofilm Product Information

Envirofilm® Product Information

"Compostable Refuse sacks that won't cost the EARTH"!

NEW Envirofilm Compostable Waste Bags & Bin Liners at major savings, conforming to ISO14855 & IEN 13432

Envirofilm® compostable bags are a new product which is available to make you great savings whilst lowering the carbon footprint, as it contains bio-renewable intelligent raw materials. This new Envirofilm® is based on organic ingredients only, contains no heavy metals or genetically modified crops and is a 100% non toxic.
It is completely shelf stable and will decompose naturally when disposed of and biodegrade back into Co2, water and biomass in the presence of oxygen, microbes and moisture.

Standard Bin Liners and Waste bags shortly available in 6,8,10,30,80,90 & 240 litres at the best prices available!

Product Features:

* Guaranteed major savings
* Fully compostable and biodegradable
* Conforms to ISO14855 & IEN 13432
* Tie handle closure, waive top or drawstring
* Various sizes of caddy liners, waste bins & refuse sacks: 6 to 240 litre
* Compostable poop scoop bags available in stock design or custom printed
* 20% Resin based
* 2 colour print available on customised bags
* Register or random print available
* Minimum quantities apply.
* Envirofilm® comes from genuine sustainable sources
* Totally food safe
* Non hazardous
* Starts to degrade from 90 day under composting conditions
* May be incinerated
* Vegetable inks only used

Please do not delay and call 01257 477920 or email for competitive prices to help save the pounds and the planet.

Please click < this link >to open a pdf document containing frequently asked questions and answers.

For larger quantities or bespoke products, just click the button and ask for a quote!

Envirofilm Envirofilm®

Online Catalogue |  Envirofilm® Compostable Bags