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Hazardous Waste Packaging

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Cleaning and Janitorial Waste Disposal Products

We stock plain and printed standard and degradable refuse sacks in a range of colours and a hand operated litter picker.

Hazardous Waste Bags

We stock UN approved clinical waste bags and also tiger bags for safe disposal of hazardous waste.

Water Soluble bags

Hot and cold water soluble laundry bags and laundry bags with a soluble strip available to buy online.
We are a UK based company supplying water soluble bags on major contracts to the NHS, MOD, pharmaceutical and many more industries. We can also produce any water soluble film or bags to your specification.

Asbestos Bags

When collecting asbestos, you must use the red bag first and then cover it with a clear bag. We stock most of the products required for asbestos removal which includes UN approved asbestos bags / sacks plus sheeting and gaffa tape.

Online Catalogue |  Hazardous Waste Packaging