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Pet Products

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Poop Scoops & Poop Scoop Bags

We stock a wide range of poop scoops as part of our range of pet waste disposal products including Envirobag poop scoops, custom printed poop scoop bags, plain poop scoops, scented poop scoops, Envirobag poop scoop bags for Enviro dispensers and pet waste refuse sacks. All our poop scoop bags are degradable.

NEW! Pink Envirobag poop scoops in handy packs of 100 now available!

Dog Waste Bins & Dispenser Products

We stock poop scoop dispenser kits, poop scoop dispensers and dog waste bins designed and manufactured by us in the UK.

Custom Printed Dog Accessories

We stock a range of custom printed dog accessories / pet accessories including poop scoop shovels, pet water bottles and dog frisbees for use as dog / pet promotional products

The poop scoop shovel is handy for use with the Poop Scoop Bags, the pet water bottle / dog water bottle is a
bottle inside a bowl which can be attached to a belt for dog walkers and the dog frisbee is a fun item for entertaining dogs.

Online Catalogue |  Pet Products