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Asbestos Bags

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We are happy to quote for regular supplies of large quantities of UN approved asbestos bags and other related products and currently supply this service to many UK councils and businesses.

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Type of Asbestos Waste Product


Typical Uses

Asbestos refuse sacks

Available in red and clear with printed warnings in 2 sizes.

UN approved refuse sacks for disposing of asbestos.

By law asbestos refuse has to be disposed of in a printed refuse sack i.e. printed warning and double wrapped in a red asbestos sack inside a clear asbestos sack.

Builders Roll / Blue Sheeting Available on a roll.

For use by builders and contractors.

Can be used indoor and outdoor ands is the most cost effective sheeting to withstand most weather conditions.

Gaffa Tape Black Gaffa tape also known as cloth tape to accompany your asbestos disposal.